Here Are All The YG Entertainment Idols Nominated For 2020’s “100 Most Beautiful Faces”

These gorgeous YG Family members all have a shot at the Top 100.

Once again, it’s time to vote for TC Candler‘s “100 Most Beautiful Faces” and “100 Most Handsome Faces” lists! Since 1990, fans have been nominating their beauties of choice of this prestigious list, and many of those beauties are K-Pop idols. Here are all the YG Entertainment idols who have been nominated so far!

1. Bobby (iKON)

Bobby is officially the first iKON member to be nominated for a spot on the list this year.

2. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

Last year, Jennie made it into the Top 20 finalists, taking the 19th spot.

3. Haruto (TREASURE)

Haruto is the first TREASURE member to be nominated in 2020.

4. Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

In 2019, Jisoo took the 78th spot on the “100 Most Beautiful Faces” list.

5. G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

G-Dragon is the second BIGBANG member nominated for 2020’s list. He was also nominated in previous years.

6. Somi

Somi is the first artist under YG Entertainment’s subsidiary, The Black Label, to be nominated this year.


In 2019, Lisa made it into the Top 5 for the “100 Most Beautiful Faces”, ranking 3rd on the list.


Rosé took the 66th spot on the 2019 list.

9. Taeyang (BIGBANG)

Last year, Taeyang won the 61st spot on the list. He was the first BIGBANG member to be nominated this year.