Olympic Skater Yuzuru Hanyu Is Collecting Fandoms Like Gold Medals

Everyone loves him. Everyone.

If you’ve been on Twitter during the 2022 winter Olympics, you’ve probably seen Yuzuru Hanyu on your timeline. This talented figure skater is representing Japan and uniting fandoms everywhere. Check out the “Yuzuru Effect” in action!

Yuzuru Hanyu | Japan Times

1. BTS’s unofficial 8th member

2. This is what happens when ARMY isn’t supervised.

3. Facts only!

4. Queen “Spring Day” has spoken.

5. We finally have the solution.

6. Prepare to stan!

7. “Call it intermission.”

8. This undeniable truth

9. What sorcery is this?

10. This comparison is on point

11. President Yuzuru? Let’s go!

12. Guilty as charged?

13. These poll results:

14. His power is no joke.

15. And so it begins…

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics