Chungha Garners Support From Netizens After Defending Korea’s Hanbok

They’re glad she is speaking up for the nation’s culture.

The 2022 Beijing Olympics are roughly halfway finished, but they’ve brought more than just sporting events to the forefront of everyone’s minds. Throughout the proceedings, tensions between Korea and China have been rising as China claimed traditionally Korean artifacts like hanbok (a traditional garment) and kimchi (fermented cabbage) originated in China and were in fact stolen by Korea.

Park Shin Hye wearing hanbok | @ssinz7/Instagram

In response to this cultural attack, many celebrities have been proudly wearing and defending hanbok to proclaim its status as a product of Korean culture and fight against the vilification of Korea by Chinese media.

Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation wearing hanbok | @hyoyeon_x_x/Instagram

Chungha (also known as CHUNG HA) has now also joined the ranks of celebrities defending hanbok, and has received praise from netizens because of it.

Chungha wearing hanbok

In a recent online broadcast on her birthday, she continually reiterated the status of hanbok as a Korean cultural emblem and indicated her desire to promote it more heavily in the future.

Netizens praised her comments and indicated their belief that the burden of defending Korean cultural relics should be handled by the country’s government more than celebrities. Even so, they’re grateful that those with powerful voices are raising them in support.

Source: NetizenBuzz

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