10+ Unedited Photos Showing ZEROBASEONE’s IRL Visuals At Their Debut Showcase Press Conference

Here’s what they actually look like!

ZEROBASEONE proves they don’t need any editing to look absolutely stunning in brand new unedited press photos. Shining bright at their debut showcase press conference, all of the members are looking their best! Check out each member’s photos below.

1. Sung Hanbin

Hanbin’s famous “peachy cheeks” are even more apparent in these beautiful unedited photos — and fans can even still a glimpse of his chest tattoo!

Sung Hanbin | SpoTV News
| TV Report

2. Kim Jiwoong

Jiwoong’s killer smile and fox-like visuals give him the stunning aura of an actor.

Kim Jiwoong | News 1
| TV Report

3. Zhang Hao

Zhang Hao boasts flawless skin without a single imperfection!

Zhang Hao | SpoTV News
| News 1

4. Seok Matthew

Known as ZB1’s “sunshine,” Matthew flaunts his precious eye smile and bright energy.

Seok Matthew | News 1
| MK Sports

5. Kim Taerae

In unedited photos, Taerae’s adorable dimple stands out even more!

Kim Taerae | News 1
| MK Sports

6. Ricky

Ricky’s handsome good looks — including his model-like proportions — are totally captivating!

Ricky | MK Sports
| News 1

7. Kim Gyuvin

Gyuvin’s small face and good looks make him a total visual.

Kim Gyuvin | MK Sports
| News 1

8. Park Gunwook

Gunwook flaunts his cool aura in real life, stunning with his unedited visuals.

Park Gunwook | News 1
| MK Sports

9. Han Yujin

No editing needed here — Yujin’s porcelain skin is stunning!

Han Yujin | XSportsNews
| News 1

10. Group

Standing together on stage, this 5th gen powerhouse group looks confident and cool!

| News 1