Each ZEROBASEONE Member Picks Their Official Emojis — Here Are Their Choices

Some choices are so chaotic!

Recently, the ZEROBASEONE members were all instructed to pick two emojis: One emoji represents their personality off stage, and the other shows who they are while performing! Check out each member’s choices below.

1. Han Yujin

Yujin is bright when he’s off stage, so he chose the slightly smiling emoji (πŸ™‚).

However, on stage he becomes cool like the sunglasses emoji (😎)!

2. Ricky

Ricky chose the “main dish” of when he’s on stage and acting sexy as the foxΒ (🦊).

The side dish, or himself off stage, is his “Lovelicky” side. This is represented by the sparkling heartΒ (πŸ’–).

3. Kim Taerae

Taerae chose the smiling face with sweatΒ (πŸ˜…) since he claims he may be clumsy and make mistakes off stage. However, on stage, he becomes someone who can do any concept, so he chose the alienΒ (πŸ‘½).

4. Zhang Hao

Zhang Hao shows surprises every time he performs on stage, much like the present (🎁).

Off stage, he picked the raccoonΒ (🦝). His reason? He just “chose himself!”

5. Sung Hanbin

On stage, Hanbin is a love letterΒ (πŸ’Œ) because “each stage is a love letter through which he hopes to express to the fans.”

Off stage, he is the thinking emoji (πŸ€”) since he’s alwaysΒ thinking about how to improve and do his best to deliver that love letter well.

6. Park Gunwook

Off stage, Gunwook is the heart eyes emoji (😍) because this is how he is towards the fans who support him.

His strength on stage is represented by the muscle emoji (πŸ’ͺ🏼) since he does powerful stages.

7. Kim Gyuvin

Gyuvin’s off stage personality is much like a puppy (🐢).

On stage, he shines like a king crown (πŸ‘‘)!

8. Seok Matthew

Matthew shows his duality with his emojis. Off stage, he is the sun (β˜€οΈ) like his nickname “sunshine” and “fake maknae.”

On stage, he wants to “be your oppa!” He chose the devil (😈) to represent this side of himself.

9. Kim Jiwoong

Jiwoong hilariously made up his own rules — He chose the fries (🍟) because he wants to eat them! He also chose the dog (🐢) for himself.


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