ARMYs Are In Love With How BTS’s Jimin and Jungkook Take Care Of Each Other

ARMYs love their brotherhood!

Jimin and Jungkook have always been close as the hyung and maknae respectively. Fans are in love with their bond, showing that they are more than just friends – they are brothers.

When Jungkook was asked who was the best in comforting him when he is lonely and sad. He responded “Jimin.”

When Jimin was asked what Jungkook is to him, he replied “the puppy prince!”

When Jungkook crashed on the living room. Jimin made sure he was all wrapped in blankets so that he wouldn’t be cold.

Even during their off-times, the boys spend time together!

And when Jungkook almost fell off the stage while riding a scooter, Jimin made sure he was there to catch him.

Jimin even gives his maknae neck massages!

Jimin has always said that Jungkook is his happy virus, and he always makes his hyung smile and laugh.

He’s also extremely caring towards Jimin. Here he sees Jimin is the only one fixing the mesh for their badminton game, and he immediately goes over to help him out.

He also helped cut pizza for his hyung!

Just like Jimin gives Jungkook neck massages, he gives his hyung shoulder massages!


He even helps Jimin sit down!

And helps him get up too!

When Jimin is crying, Jungkook makes sure to be the rock that supports him. When he was crying on stage, BTS‘s maknae made sure to hug him and be by his side.

ARMYs are in love with their bond, citing how heartwarming it is to see the two smile at each other. Both boys are from Busan, so fans wondered if their bond stems from the fact that they are from the same place, trained together for so long, and debuted together. One thing is for sure, though: their brotherhood will last a lifetime.

Source: The Qoo