This Japanese Actress Is Gaining Recognition From Netizens For Having Features Koreans Love

Netizens are in love with her look.

Karata Erika is a Japanese actress and model born in 1997. Many netizens have recently discovered her and are in awe over her beauty, stating that she has the fans Koreans would love.

The actress has a small face, with pretty almond-shaped eyes and a high nose bridge. She has a fresh, sweet aura surrounding her. Netizens are in love with how youthful she looks.

She also has legs for days! Standing at 167cm, she’s definitely on the taller side.

Ever her side profile is gorgeous!

The model is also working in Korea and is said to be signed to a Korean agency. She has her own YouTube channel in which she vlogs her life in Korea. Many are surprised with how low her voice, saying they thought her voice would be more high pitched.

Her visuals have been compared to numerous Korean celebrities. Some have mentioned Park Bogum.

Some have mentioned actress Lee Yeon Hee.

While others mentioned Jung Yumi.

As she continues to rise, many more are awed over her outstanding visuals. Hopefully her career in Korea flourishes.

Source: The Qoo