Mnet Under Fire For Allegedly Editing Produce X 101 Contestant Kim Yohan’s Skin

They noticed the difference in his skin during different cuts.

During episode 5 of Produce X 101, viewers noticed how different OUI Entertainment‘s Kim Yohan‘s skin looked in different cuts.

Kim Yohan does not have bad skin at all. He has some visible texture and potentially some acne scarring, but nothing too noticeable. His skin looks like, well, skin. The make-up helps cover up any blemishes he may want to hide.

When announcing who won 1st place, however, Kim Yohan’s skin looks smooth and airbrushed. All signs of texture are gone. His skin also looks brighter, but that could be because of all the lights facing him.

Fans are outraged over the editing, saying that Mnet made it too obvious and shouldn’t have edited him at all. Some believe that Kim Yohan is the PD’s pick, which is why he gets edited to have clearer skin, while others appear to not be edited at all. Many are hoping that Mnet will stop editing him and allow him to embrace his natural skin.

Source: The Qoo


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