National Producers Believe One Of These Three Trainees Will Be The Final Center In Produce X 101

They believe one of these three will be the final center.

Netizens believe that there are three strong contestants for the center position on Produce X 101: Song Hyungjoon, Kim Yohan, and Kim Wooseok.

Netizens believe that these three are unrivaled when it comes to public recognition, fandom, stage presence, and screen time.

At first, netizens believed it would be either Kim Yohan or Kim Wooseok, but were surprised when Song Hyungjoon ranked #2. in episode 7. Netizens couldn’t deny the strength of his fandom, which made many believe he has a high chance of debuting as the center of the final line-up.

Some have also stated that even if none of them make the center, they believe they will absolutely make the final debut line up.

Source: Pann