OH MY GIRL Arin’s Transformation Shows That She’s All Grown Up

She truly bloomed.

OH MY GIRL‘s Arin is known to be not only the lead dancer and vocalist of the group but also the cutie maknae. When they debuted back in 2015, Arin was only 16 years old.

Back in their debut, she had cute chubby cheeks that made her look extra youthful!

Even the tiniest of movement was adorable!

Now that’s she 20, however, Arin has blossomed into a gorgeous young woman. Netizens are shocked at how she grew from a baby to a goddess!

She no longer has her fluffy cheeks and instead has a slim and gorgeous face.

Many are wondering if she’s even human, or if she an angel or a goddess instead. Netizens agree that she is getting prettier and prettier each day and is growing up into a fine young lady.

Source: The Qoo