People Are Going Crazy Over BTS’s Jin And His Exposed Forehead

Both he and his forehead shine.

During BTS‘s muster in Seoul, netizens and ARMYs alike were blown away by Jin‘s visuals, especially this part of his face: his forehead.

Jin’s bang usually covers his forehead, but fans are now able to see his forehead in all its glory.

He definitely shone on stage, and people are wondering how face like his can even exist. Some even asked if he was just born perfect.

This face is not human. He’s so handsome.

– Korean Netizen

Others have stated that Jin showing his forehead is a crime! What is he guilty of? Stealing the hearts of ARMYs!

Some netizens are even wondering how to calm their heart after seeing Jin’s forehead, saying that they can’t calm it down.

Jin shows his sexy and cool side, saying that he sings well and has an overall good atmosphere. Not only that, but he has good body proportions and his dance skills have greatly improved!

Not even a bandana can cover his shine!

I love him so much, it’s crazy. He is the power of my life.

– Korean Netizen


Source: The Qoo