Produce X 101 Contestant Song Hyeongjun Gets Mixed Reactions For Crying On The Show

His tears caused mixed reactions.

During episode 5 of Produce X 101, the trainees went through their first round of eliminations. Song Hyeongjun, a Starship Entertainment trainee who ranked 3rd out of 60, cried during his thank-you speech and interview with MC Lee Dong Wook.

He expressed his sadness seeing his fellow Rank X trainees go home and admits he feels guilty for being one of the few to survive. He couldn’t hold back his tears and cried on stage. He had difficulty keeping his tears to himself, and Lee Dong Wook helped to calm him down before he went to his chair.

Many netizens are torn about whether they like or dislike the image he portrayed while on stage. Some found him cute and endearing, commenting on how they like his child-like persona and are touched over his love for the fellow trainees.

Others, however, were not impressed. Many think he is acting childish on purpose to gain support and sympathy from the National Producers. Some have stated that they are annoyed with his child-like way of speaking and that his crying came off as whiny. One netizen also expressed her shock when she found out he was in high school, believing he was in middle school.

Song Hyeongjun is currently one of the more popular trainees, with many viewers being touched at his leadership. While in Rank X, he took the initiative to teach his fellow trainees the dance to their theme song “X1_MA”. He still continue to rise each day.

Source: The Qoo