Produce X 101’s Kim Yohan Surprises Fans By His Continuous Improvement

He continues to show an improved version of himself.

OUI Entertainment‘s Kim Yohan continue to surprise fans by showing improvements every episode of Produce X 101.

The trainee has shown his vocal skills during episode 6 for the position evaluations. In the episode, we can see that he was originally torn between rap and vocals, but he ultimately chose to sing Paul Kim’s “Me After You”.

Fans were blown away with Kim Yohan’s performance. He sang as if he truly was heartbroken and captivated both the audience and the viewers at home. Everything from his vocal ability, his expressions, to his breathing technique is being praised. He may have ranked the last place (5th place) in his team, but viewers still praise him for continuing to improve.

Kim Yohan has only been training for three months and many have noted how much he has improved from the first episode to now. Many are hoping that Kim Yohan makes the final line-up and that he continues to show an improved version of himself.

Source: Naver