Reporter Gets Backlash From Netizens Who Claims Their Work Harasses TWICE’s Tzuyu

“This reporter is just like a pervert.”

A reported recently posted an article with a photo he took of TWICE’s Tzuyu in Incheon Airport when the idols returned to South Korea after their “TWICE WORLD TOUR 2019: ‘TWICELIGHTS’ in BANGKOK”.

People who saw the article were upset over the title, which translates to “TWICE Tzuyu, ‘Pretty belly button which is as pretty as her.”

This reporter is just like a pervert.

– Korean Netizen

Netizens claim the reporter is a pervert, focusing more on her body rather than on Tzuyu herself.

Who’s going to like this pervert article?

– Korean Netizen

People have even wondered if the reporter is an anti-fan, saying that the picture is unflattering and claims it is harassment. As of now, the article is still up.

Source: Newsen