TVXQ!’s Yunho Has Fans In Shock Over How Small His Face Actually Is

How can someone have such a small face?

TVXQ!‘s Yunho is 34 years old and is finally debuting as a soloist after 16 years. Fans know him for his amazing visual and his small face. Yunho having a small face is a well-known fact amongst K-Pop fans – his nickname is even “The Smallest Face In The World”!

When fans came across these photos of Yunho wearing a face mask, however, the realized just how small his face is.

Is he a newborn? How is his face that small?

– Korean Netizen

The mask is too big on him! Some netizens even say that the mask appears to be falling down.

Fans are shook over how small his face is, and some have jokingly said that they hope he finds a mask that suits his face properly.

Source: The Qoo