[★RUMOR] Sechs Kies members’ meeting sparks reunion rumors

After disbanding in 2000, Sechs Kies, the first generation idol boy group, has been quickly garnering attention with possible comeback rumours.

Reportedly, part of the Sechs Kies’ members, including, Eun Ji Won, Jang Su Won, Kim Jae Duk, and Kang Sung Hoon, met up for a meal on October 20th. After the filming for a recent episode of Immortal Song 2, Eun Ji Won met with Kim Jae Duk who was present at the filing set.

Kim Jae Duk was visiting the filming set as the artist is good friends with singer Son Jin Young. With such coincidence, Jang Su Won, Kang Sung Hoon, and Lee Jae Jin were called to meet as well. One of their members, Goh Ji Young did not attend the meeting.

Sechs Kies debuted on April of 1997 and disbanded on May of 2000. Since then, all the members have walked on their own paths, with Eun Ji Won, Jang Su Won, and Kim Jae Duk still remaining celebrities with TV appearances. Meanwhile, Kang Sung Hoon has focused on charity work, and Lee Jae Jin and Goh Ji Young returning to civilian life.

Although not all members of Sechs Kies were present, their gathering was spotted by many people and quickly went viral. According to one of the members’ agencies they revealed, “It is true that they [members of Sechs Kies] have met, nothing specific has been discussed about the possibility of their comeback reunion. Their simple gathering as friends seems to have bloated into a comeback reunion news. It may be members’ hope to reunite but nothing has been confirmed.”

Source: TV Report

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