After 10 Years, This Trainee Has Officially Left YG Entertainment

She was part of Future 2NE1.

Moon Sua, who gained fame for appearing on Unpretty Rapstar 2 and being ASTRO’s Moonbin’s sister, has officially left YG Entertainment.

To indirectly verify this, Sua had opened an Instagram account, though she had deleted it shortly after.

Back in 2012, Sua was one of the four trainees introduced as “Future 2NE1“. The girls were hoping to debut and follow in the footsteps of their seniors.

Sua was known to be well-loved by YG. She was allowed to appear in G-Dragon and T.O.P.‘s music video for Knock Out. She was also allowed to participate in Unpretty Rapstar 2, and it is well-known that YG does not usually allow his trainees to participate in survival shows.

However, despite training for so many years, Future 2NE1 never debuted and all the members had left one by one to pursue their careers elsewhere.

Though she had already waited 10 years, it seems like she could no longer wait and left the company as well. There is no news on what company she will join, though fans hope she will join her brother in Fantagio Entertainment.

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