100% To Continue With Their Promotions As Scheduled Following Minwoo’s Passing

100% members don’t want to let their fans down, even at such a sad time.

100% has decided to continue with their promotional schedule in Japan after the death of their leader, Minwoo. They were scheduled to perform their “100% Spring Concert 2018 – Blossom” concert in Tokyo and Osaka on April 21 and 30, but after Minwoo’s sudden death on March 25, it was uncertain whether the events would be cancelled.

100%’s agency TOP Media released a statement confirming the members wanted to go ahead with the schedule to keep their promise to their fans.

“After consultation with 100% members, we have decided to keep all our schedules going forward. In consideration of our members, who wanted to keep their promise to their fans, we will proceed with the concerts in Japan.”

— TOP Media

While the events of Minwoo’s sad passing is still raw, 100% hopes to bring their fans joy during such a dark time.

Minwoo pictured in the center.
Source: Star News and TOP Media