100 Thieves’ Froste Angers ARMYs With BTS Coronavirus Joke

ARMYs aren’t having it

The coronavirus case is getting more serious every day, and most people realize that the situation is too dire and frightening to try and make light-hearted jokes about, at least online.

100 Thieves member Froste, however, didn’t think as much. Known for cracking jokes on Twitter, he decided to share a quip about COVID-19 on the platform that involves much-loved K-Pop group BTS, targeting their fanbase ARMY.

“if BTS gets Coronavirus the stans are gonna find a cure within 24 hours,” the Tweet said, and it garnered so much hate and shock with ARMYs that it went viral, with over 100,000 retweets and 630,000 likes.

It also has over 5,000 comments, many of which are from angry BTS fans. Reactions to the tweet range from accusations of racism, educating him on how much money ARMYs have already dedicated to the cause, and chastising for making jokes about the situation, as well as just roasting comments and threats of harm.

Froste, seemingly amused by the comments, responded by creating a thread of literally all of the retweets to the Tweet. A fair number of comments also suggest that the Tweet wasn’t problematic at all, but just addressed ARMY’s deep love and support for BTS. Whatever the case, making jokes about the coronavirus right now is shaky territory to begin with, so it’s no wonder the comment is controversial.