11 2001 Liners Who Will Take The 2019 CSAT, and 14 Who Will Not Be Taking It

Here’s who is taking it, and who isn’t.

Korean students born in 2001 will be taking the CSAT (College Scholastic Ability Test, also known as the Suneung) on November 14, and celebrities are no exception. The CSAT is the standardized test that determines which universities in Korea students are allowed to enroll in. Here are 11 celebrities who will be taking the exam, and 14 more who have decided not to take it.

Taking the CSAT

1. Jeon Somi

2. LOONA’s Choerry

3. ITZY’s Ryujin

4. Actor Yoon Chan Young (left)

5. Produce 101 trainee and actress Chu Ye Jin

6. Rocket Punch’s Suyun

7. Rocket Punch’s Yunkyoung

8. Dreamnote’s Sumin

9. TRCNG’s Hohyeon

10. Newkidd’s Yunmin

11. 1THE9’s Shin Yechan


Not Taking the CSAT

1. Actress No Jung Ee

2. Actress Lee Soo Min

3. Weki Meki’s Rina

4. Model Han Hyun Min

5. APRIL’s Jinsol

6. ITZY’s Chaeryeong

7. LOONA’s Olivia Hye

8. NATURE’s Loha

9. Dongkiz’s Munik

10. Dongkiz’s Jaechan

11. Lee Euiwoong

12. CIX’s Hyunsuk

13. Stray Kids’ I.N

14. TXT’s Beomgyu

Source: Newsen