Taecyeon calls out scalpers for selling overpriced concert tickets to fans

2PM member Ok Taecyeon is not happy with scalpers who are reselling tickets to fans at an overpriced amount and has voiced out his discontent in a recent tweet.

On November 25th, Taecyeon wrote on his Twitter account, “Really agents… They buy tickets that are already expensive and sell them for many times the price… Isn’t it illegal to have people buy tickets for you and then reselling them for an extremely high price? Not even at the same price or cheaper but at an extremely higher cost…”

While it isn’t known which concert he is relating this post to, whether it is a 2PM-related event, or just K-pop events in general, this isn’t the first time a celebrity has spoken up about scalpers.

Agencies and production companies have even taken steps in the past few months to stop the re-selling of tickets at a higher price than advertised such as SIVA Group for Epik High‘s U.S. concert and SM Entertainment with Super Junior Kyuhyun‘s and Girls’ Generation Taeyeon‘s solo concerts.

With K-pop concerts in-demand all over the world, scalpers have taken advantage of fans, scamming hundreds of thousands of dollars.