Here Are All 12 Of The Newest GAON Chart Certifications Including SUHO, NCT Dream, and IU

Did your favorite artist get a new certification?

Gaon Chart has just released their newest round of certifications and here are all 12 of them, including NCT Dream, EXO’s Suho, and GOT7.

Double Platinum Album (500,000+ copies sold)

1. NCT Dream’s Reload

Platinum Album (250,000+ copies sold)

2. SUHO’s Self Portrait

3. GOT7’s DYE

Triple Platinum Streaming (300,000,000+ streams)

4. Paul Kim’s “Every day, every moment”

Double Platinum Streaming (200,000,000+ streams)

5. Paul Kim’s “Me After You”

Platinum Streaming (100,000,000+ streams)

6. Lauv’s “Paris In The Rain”

7. M.C The Max’s “One Day Only)

8. BOL4’s “BOM”

9. Gummy’s “Remember Me”

10. NOEL’s “Late Night”

11. IU’s “Blueming”


Source: Ilgan Sports