Comeback date and new album for girl group Rainbow confirmed

The official comeback date for girl group Rainbow has been confirmed!

It was previously reported that Rainbow was in the middle of preparing for their comeback this February, though no other details were disclosed.

On January 27th, a music official revealed that Rainbow would be making a comeback on February 15th, making it a year since the group’s last mini-album release with INNOCENT in February 2015. Additionally, member Hyunyoung participated in the creation of their upcoming mini-album as a composer. The group is said to have taken part in choosing the title track and concept for their promotions, involving themselves in the creation of the album.

With Rainbow into their seventh year since their debut (2009) as well as being the senior girl group of their agency with KARA disbanded, eyes are looking towards the girl group and as to how they will fare.

Source: OSEN