16-Year-Old High Schooler Records Her Stepmother Trying To Poison Her

She injected her body mist and bread.

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

A 16-year-old girl has stepped forward to share her story about how she caught her stepmom trying to poison her.

Not actual bottle of poison used | Naver

This appalling story started after the high schooler noticed a weird smell coming from her facial and body mist. The smell had been going on for some time so she decided to do something about it. The strange odor prompted the 16 year old to set up her iPad to record, with the hopes of trying to figure out where the smell was coming from. What she found, however, was far more shocking than she anticipated. In this first capture of her video, viewers can see the high schooler turn off the lights and leave her room after telling her stepmother that she will be going to school.

Still of iPad recording | JTBC

Stepdaughter: I’ll be back.

Stepmom: Have a good day.

After the 16 year old girl leaves her room is when the crazy story begins. This next still of the iPad recording shows the lights in her room turning back on. It is then that the viewers can see a clear image of her stepmom on camera.

Still of iPad recording, stepmom | JTBC

The next part of the footage shows the stepmother grabbing a bag of bread while saying,

Still of iPad recording | JTBC

Where should I put it in…

— Stepmom

After moving the bag of bread aside, the stepmom can be seen with a noticeably large needle in her hand.

Still of iPad recording, needle | JTBC

She then grabs the bottle of her stepdaughter’s facial body mist and injects it with an unknown solution that is inside the needle. Viewers are not shown this part, but it should be noted that the stepmother also sprayed her stepdaughter’s bread with the same solution.

After reviewing the footage, the 16 year old confronted her stepmother. She revealed in an interview that this has been going on for a year.

Still of interview with 16 year old stepdaughter | JTBC

I confronted my stepmom about it. She told me, ‘you’re being too sensitive’ and then she threw it away. I’ve been smelling the same weird smell for about a year now.

— Stepdaughter

The high schooler shared during her interview how she felt after seeing what her stepmom was doing to her belongings.

Still of interview with 16 year old stepdaughter | JTBC

My heart was racing so fast, my hands, feet, my whole body was shaking…I left my house quickly, like I was going to run away.

— Stepdaughter

The stepdaughter further shared with viewers what happened during her confrontation. She revealed the appalling response her stepmom told her when she asked what the solution was.


I put some of the toilet cleaning solution in the bottle.

— Stepmom

As if that were not horrifying enough, the stepdaughter revealed that her stepmom tried to attack her during the confrontation.

Still of interview with 16 year old stepdaughter | JTBC

She was so mad that she charged at me and hit my face…I want her to receive the most severe punishment she can.

— Stepdaughter

| JoongAng Daily

This case has officially been taken to trial where the stepmother has asked for an appeal.

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