1MILLION Dance Studio Founder Shocks Everyone With The Actual Revenue Made By Their Highly-Subscribed YouTube Channel

They have 26.2 million subscribers.

1MILLION is a household name for many aspiring dancers and K-Pop star wannabes. The dance studio has produced hundreds of choreography for K-Pop idols and also operates a popular roster of open classes every day of the week. They pioneered the commericialization of the dance scene in South Korea, becoming one of the first studios to receive global acclaim and name. Many look forward to attending their classes during visits to the country.

Their founder Lia Kim also carries much weight with her name. She famously created choreographies such as TWICE‘s “TT” and Sunmi‘s “Gashina.” On a recent interview show with PD Kim Chang Sun, she was asked about the revenue made by the studio’s YouTube channel. The studio’s frequent posting and amazing videography helped get the studio’s name out there in the early stages. They now have 26.2 million subscribers and counting.

Despite the high viewership and subscription rate, the channel’s revenue was revealed to be a shocking $0. As YouTube awards monetary compensation to the audio owners, dancers and studios do not earn money from dance videos. The money goes to the owners of the songs they dance to instead.

Lia Kim expressed her disappointment in the poor recognition of the copyrights to choreography and dance but gave credit to the music industry, which took around 46 years to properly be credited monetarily for their contributions.


Source: Daum