[★VIDEO] 1PUNCH’s Punch officially graduates from primary school

 1PUNCH’s Punch has officially graduated from primary school on February 12th, accepting his certification at a recent ceremony held in Seoul.

As previously reported, Brave Brothers of Brave Entertainment, along with his parents who traveled from the United States, were in attendance of the young member’s latest achievement and milestone.

Also known to fans by his real name Kim Samuel, the 14-year old rookie singer can be see shyly walking up the stage to accept his certification. Though his dreads from his recent rounds of promotions remains as his hairstyle, Punch is looking nice and clean with his school uniform blazer and slacks on. On the projector in the background, a short profile including his birth name and current profession can be seen, as well as his school and baby photos.

The memorable moment was shared with fans online through the group’s official SNS accounts with the post, “Everyone! Please celebrate the graduation of Punch!! Congrats! Punch’s graduation! Yeah~ 14 Baby~!” 

He made his official debut with his group partner One as 1PUNCH on January 23rd with the single Anthem, promoting the title track “Turn Me Back.” The duo made their debut with a 90s concept in their music, attracting a lot of attention from 90s K-pop lovers.

Meanwhile, it is known that they will soon wrap up their activities to prepare for their next release.

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Posted by 사무엘 – Samuel on Wednesday, February 11, 2015