Beloved K-Pop Idol Returns To The Internet After 3 Years Of Inactivity 

Fans couldn’t believe it was him!

Due to the nature of K-Pop, groups that debut can disappear just as quickly, leaving fans to wonder about their favorite stars.

Sometimes, the idol will have just changed their career path…

ex-AOA Yuna (left) and ex-Tahiti Jisoo are now Pilates instructors. | @yn_s_1230/Instagram

….other times, there will be no updates, leaving fans to hope that their favorites are living happy and healthy lives.

Missing For A Decade: The Case Of The Idol Who Disappeared After Debuting

Fans of this popular survival show winner and former idol likely thought this would be the case until his recent update!

In 2018, the survival program Under Nineteen began, featuring trainees under 19 years old competing for a chance to debut.

| Under Nineteen

Nine out of the 57 would debut in 1THE9 in April 2019, with plans to promote for a year.

1THE9 | PocketDol

Unfortunately, the group suffered multiple delays due to the pandemic in 2020, and their final release was in August.

Some members have debuted in new groups, like Yongha and Junseo, who are both members of WEi.

WEi’s Jungseo (seated) and Yongha (standing) | OUI Entertainment

Others have not, including Jung Jinsung, who ranked second place on Under Nineteen. After 1THE9’s disbandment, Jung Jinsung remained a trainee at Play M Entertainment until November 2020, when his contract expired.

Jung Jinsung | PocketDol

Since then, there were no updates from the ex-1THE9 member until very recently!

On December 13, Jung Jinsung posted on a new Instagram account, captioning the photo set with a simple “hi…!”

Every day following that first post, Jinsung has posted something, sharing images of his day-to-day life, including two tattoos and flexing his winter fit.

| @dontxallme/Instagram
| @dontxallme/Instagram

Fans were thrilled to see him return in this public way, even if it was not a debut as some had hoped.

He seems to be enjoying his return just as much as the fans!