2 Famous Male Idols In Their 30’s From Same Group Booked On Charges Of Illegal Overseas Gambling

They were caught illegally gambling.

Two idols from the same group who are credited with helping spread the Korean wave overseas have been booked on charges of illegal overseas gambling.

According to an exclusive report from MBC Newsdesk, two male idols, both in their 30’s and promoting in the same male group, were booked by the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s investigation unit after it was discovered they gambled up to ₩50 million KRW ($42,300 USD) in baccarat throughout trips to Philippines casinos between 2016 and 2018.

Police called the two idol members in for investigation early last week, attempting to get details on their gambling. The two idol members stated during the investigation that they did not leave Korea for the Philippines with the objective to gamble, and instead they accidentally gambled while in the Philippines. One of the members has also been confirmed to have been active on online gambling websites.

The two male idols are primarily active in Japan, not only as singers but also as actors. However, one person’s identity may have been revealed, as it was stated that one of the male idols tested positive for the Coronavirus earlier this year after being in contact with an adult entertainment worker. The hints provided by MBC, points to Supernova as their member Yoonhak, tested positive in April and later was exposed for visiting an adult entertainment establishment.

An official from their agency didn’t have much to say when asked about it.

That’s not something I know. Its our group’s members XX and XX? It seems I will have to check with them as well.

— Agency official

Police are also investigating whether there were others involved in the illegal gambling.

Source: MBC