2 Korean Actors Test Positive For Marijuana Usage

Two Korean actors have tested positive for marijuana usage, but one of the actors’ agencies claim they can refute the charges.

Following T.O.P’s marijuana controversy, actors Ki Joo Bong and Jung Jae Jin have also been booked for charges of using marijuana, where Ki Joo Bong received a preliminary arrest warrant on May 12, and Jung Jae Jin has already been imprisoned in a holding cell at Euijungbu police station.

Ki Joo Bong received a preliminary arrest warrant for having marijuana in his system.

The National Forensic Service tested Ki Joo Bong’s urine and Jung Jae Jin’s hair follicles for traces of marijuana, in which both of their samples came out positive. According to the police, Ki Joo Bong received marijuana from a friend, Mr. A, who also provided Jung Jae Jin with the marijuana.

“I’m a friend of Ki Joo Bong. I knew Jung Jae Jin through Ki Joo Bong. I gave them marijuana without receiving money in return.”

— Mr. A

Jung Jae Jin is already confined in a holding cell.

While marijuana laws are still severely strict in Korea, an insider at Ki Joo Bong’s agency, PK Entertainment, revealed that they will prepare a summary of their case to refute one particular aspect of the charges, explaining that some parts of the charges are false.

“There are some false accusations made in this incident. We will announce our official stance on the position soon.”

— PK Entertainment insider

This isn’t the first time both Ki Joo Bong and Jung Jae Jin have smoked marijuana. In 1991, Ki Joo Bong was arrested for regular marijuana usage, and Jung Jae Jin was arrested for the same charges in 2009.

Source: Dispatch