2020 MAMA Leaves BTS’s Jin Out Of A Group Photo — ARMYs Trend “BTS IS 7” In Response

This is not the first time MAMA has done Jin dirty though… and ARMYs are furious.

When the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) created this visual for the show’s segment of “introducing the visionaries of 2020

| Mnet

… they accidentally failed to include member Jin under the group photo used for BTS.

BTS’s Jin | DongA

When ARMYs noticed the six-membered photo…

| Mnet

… they grew furious.

  • “What is so hard about the number seven????? I can’t believe this is the standard at which an award ceremony holds itself.”
  • “God, these idiots at the broadcasting studio though… It’s not like having seven members is a lot either.”
  • “Asian music award, my a*s. If you can’t even count… How are you about to represent Asia? Don’t kid yourselves.”
  • “For f*ck’s sake, will I ever be able to go a year without hearing about them leaving some member out of something?”


One ARMY pointed out, “There must have been a chance to fix the issue before letting it air that way” — considering how the edited version seems to be based on this group photo.

| Mnet

It looks like they edited the group photo to squeeze it into that narrow spot… That means they worked with the original photo which shows seven members. So I really don’t understand why they thought it is okay to proceed with including only six.


As ARMYs point out this is not the first time MAMA left Jin out of the group…

… they began trending “BTS IS 7” on Twitter, “reminding MAMA that BTS has seven members“. ARMYs continue to demand an apology from Mnet for “making the same mistake yet again“…

… all the while giving the trending phrase more meaning, to celebrate the group’s sweepstake victories at MAMA — including the actually-missing member Suga attending in spirit.

Mnet is yet to respond to the growing frustration.

Source: theqoo