2020 Melon Music Awards Completely Revamps Awards Show, Confirms It WILL Happen This Year

Who do you wish will attend?

The 2020 Melon Music Awards have been confirmed to be happening this year and this time, will come with a whole new set of changes.

Kakao, Melon‘s parent company, announced today that instead of just an awards show, they have created a new festival aptly named MMA WEEK, which aims to narrow the gap between music loving fans and the artists with a new music festival integrated into the current state of society, requiring social distancing. Between December 2-5, MMA WEEK will be a four-day long festival filled with content.

Taking advantage of Melon’s inherent online strength, MMA WEEK will connect music, artists, and fans on a more intimate level, showcasing a diverse range of content, from special videos and playlists to new editions of Melon’s digital magazine, which tells the stories of its showcased artists. Members who have signed up for Melon are also invited to participate in a variety of activities.

A Kakao official explained why the MMA WEEK format was decided, and their plans for the event.

The first MMA WEEK is intended as a festival that everyone can enjoy, where a variety of artists, music genres, and fans combine together to revitalize the culture and arts industry.

This will allow us to have a music festival that narrows the gap between the fans, music, and artists, even though the actual physical distance is increased due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

— Kakao

The first MMA WEEK teaser is scheduled to be released on November 6.

Source: Newsen
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