Here’s How The Votes For Top 10 Female Artistes For The 2020 Melon Music Awards Are Looking

The catch? International fans were unable to vote.

The 2020 Melon Music Awards is fast approaching! Fans were allowed to start voting for their favorite groups last week. Here’s the midway results for the Top 10 Female Artists in order of votes.

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1. IU

IU reigns as the queen of K-Pop. With her songs often charting as soon as they are released, this comes as no surprise to fans.


With IZ*ONE’s disbandment fast approaching, perhaps fans wish to give them a parting gift before they move on to their separate career paths.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | Spotv News


This group’s popularity knows no bounds! BLACKPINK is especially popular globally.

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4. (G)I-DLE

Once the rookies to watch, (G)I-DLE is well into their successful career as artists.


2020 was a phenomenal year for them, seeing their breakthrough with “NonStop”.

6. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

Her selling power is no joke! Almost everything she touches sells out immediately.

7. Apink

The original innocent girl group, Apink has become a textbook example for many juniors.

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Every song they release is a certified bop!

9. Red Velvet

Fans are especially looking forward to seeing Wendy on stage again.

10. Taeyeon

She’s built a successful solo singing career for herself outside of Girls’ Generation.

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Although the results have come up as such, fans have speculated that the results may be skewed due to the boycott from some fandoms. As TWICE and ITZY will not be present at the Melon Music Awards, their fans have decided to not participate in the votes. ITZY currently ranks 11th while Baek Yerin takes 12th place.

Similarly, international fans have not been allowed to vote for the Melon Music Awards. Do stay tuned for the results eventually!


Source: theqoo