MMA 2020 Trends “Jin Jin Jin” On Twitter, But It’s Not Quite About BTS’s Jin… Or Is It?

… Well okay, now it’s all about Jin. 😂

Following the festivities at the Melon Music Awards 2020 (MMA), Twitter saw the keyword “JIN JIN JIN” sweep the platform…

| Twitter

… and while netizens guessed it may be about BTS‘s Jin

BTS’s Jin at “MMA 2020”.

 not quite. It turned out to be about trot-singer Young Tak‘s catchy song, “JJINIYA”.

Young Tak at MMA 2020. | Melon Music Awards

After Young Tak’s mesmerizing performance of the song, however…

Young Tak performing “JJINIYA”. | @Milagro_Family/Twitter

… BTS fans did grow ecstatic about this seemingly-a-straight-forward-love-anthem for their bias, Jin. They began tweeting the addicting chorus, accompanied by the “Thumb Dance”!

And the keyword “JIN JIN JIN” soon ended up attracting all BTS fans.

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Young Tak — who took the “Best Songwriter Award” home — thanked BTS fans for taking over Twitter searches with his lyrics!

Young Tak at MMA 2020.

What is happening?! Is this JJINIYA (for real)??? Looks like JIN JIN JIN is going global now. Thank you, thank you again!

— Young Tak

And as for ARMYs…? Well, now they can’t stop singing.

#JJINIYA Everyone is hooked now!

— Twitter @Milagro_Family (Young Tak’s Agency)

Watch to the full “JJINIYA” performance.

Source: theqoo