2021 Asia Artist Awards To Be Held In Japan, Inciting Korean Netizens’ Fury

Tensions between the two countries have been high.

The Asia Artist Awards (AAA) are hosted yearly by Korea, in various countries. Previous AAAs have been hosted in Seoul, Incheon, and Vietnam. However, this year, the 2021 AAAs will be held in Japan, inciting the fury of Koreans.

As many would know, tensions between Japan and Korea have been sour since the war. Although reconciliatory efforts have been made, sentiment is still negative. Worries were further exacerbated by the current wave of COVID-19 cases in Japan, where they have hit a daily average of over 11,000 cases for the first week of August 2021.

Netizens are outraged, with many calling out the organizers.

  • “Do they let you overseas just to perform? I don’t get it.”
  • “They’re nuts, selling out the country.”
  • “Read the room, you crazy f*ckers.”
  • “Where can we protest this? We need to block this.”
  • “The Olympics couldn’t be helped but they’re money-grabby for going all the way to Japan in this pandemic just for some nameless awards ceremony.”
  • “They’re crazy. I hope my idols don’t go…and I hope the company won’t send them out to try to push their juniors together too.”
  • “What’s going on??? Do they have to be like that in the pandemic?”
| theqoo

Although the AAAs have already announced the location, they’ve yet to release the list of nominees or how they will go about the ceremony. Stay tuned.

Source: theqoo