The “2022 ISAC” Moment That Made NCT’s Sungchan Go Viral

He had viewers wrapped around his finger.

The few NCT members that attended the 2022 Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISAC) had many fun moments with fellow idols, including a supportive one with ATEEZ.


When Sungchan cooly positioned his bow and arrow for the perfect shot, he left ATEEZ and his own members shocked by his skill. That wasn’t the only moment that caught viewers’ attention.

It was what Sungchan did right after earning the perfect score that made everyone go wild.

| @sakisakitt/Twitter

As smoothly as Sungchan had lined up his bow, he gave the camera a sweet smile and a cute wink. That was all it took to win over fans.

| @day_323913/Twitter 

The brief moment made Sungchan go viral in less than twenty-four hours with over a million views. Not only did NCTzens love how Sungchan celebrated his high score, but people who weren’t fans of NCT couldn’t help but voice how “cute” he was.

Who would’ve thought that a single wink from Sungchan would make everyone swerve into his lane?

Source: Twitter