“A Real Bad B*tch”—The 2022 MAMA Awards Tried To Censor BIBI But Failed

Netizens felt like the censored version was “empty.”

No one is a match for BIBI, not even The 2022 MAMA Awards. 

BIBI at The 2022 MAMA Awards

While (G)I-DLE performed an R-rated version of their song “TOMBOY” at The 2022 Melon Music Awards or MMAs, The 2022 MAMA Awards attempted to sensor solo artist BIBI.

She and Hyolyn shocked audiences with their sexy performance, sharing the stage at the award show. They performed “youknowbetter” and “LAW.”

Hyolyn also performed her song “Layin’ Low” (featuring Jooyoung).

BIBI also did a solo stage. She performed “BIBI Vengeance” from her first full album Lowlife Princess: Noir. This was the performance that MAMA attempted to censor as the song’s chorus repeats “년” (nyeon), a derogatory word for women that is essentially the Korean equivalent of “b*tch.”

You’ll thеn see
The bad b*tch

Bad b*tch, just a real bad b*tch
Bad b*tch, just a real bad b*tch
Bad b*tch, just a rеal bad b*tch

Don’t ever get caught again
You’ll then see
The crazy b*tch

— English translation of BIBI’s “BIBI Vengeance”

A video clip of the performance went viral on TikTok with 1.1M million views and 344K likes at the time of writing. It garnered mixed reactions.


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♬ BIBI Vengeance – BIBI

Netizens were disappointed that “년” (nyeon) was censored, as most consider it the catchiest part of the chorus. The consensus was that it made the song “feel empty” without it. Some suggested they could have at last replaced it with “ya” rather than cutting BIBI off.


Yet, BIBI still managed to insert it at least once! Near the end of the performance, she sang the full phrase, transitioning it into a scream. Not only did fans love that she did that, but The 2022 MAMA Awards audience erupted into cheers.


Even if people try to censor her, BIBI will slay every time.

Source: Genius and __thekpopkingdom__

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