22-Year-Old Goes Viral For Posting Photos Of His Mom Who Looks Young Enough To Be Mistaken As His Girlfriend

Almost everyone was curious how his mom could still look so young … and whether he was single

22-year-old Vietnamese-American Jonathan Nguyen decided to make a hilarious post in the Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits, about how Asian moms tend to look young for their age.

He posted several stunning photos of him and his mother, with whom he shares a close relationship with.

The thing was, his mom is so stunning, that guys his age would hit on her!

Having a young Asian mom is great until you see someone your age shooting their shot at her.

While Jonathan hoped to do it for laughs first, what he probably didn’t expect was for the post to go viral.

The post amassed more than 16 thousand reacts in the popular Facebook group, and the story was picked up by multiple news outlets across the world.

Jonathan reacted by saying his mom might actually kill him.

Many were incredibly curious about how his mom was able to look so age-defying. Some even thought she looked young enough to be his sister, or even his girlfriend.

As a loyal son, Jonathan didn’t reveal his mom’s exact age, saying she was in her early forties and that she had him as a young mother.

He stated that his mom maintains her appearance with a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet, essentially a Keto diet.

He also mentioned that she ate lots of fruit every day, and works out regularly, even going to the same gym as her son!

With all this unexpected attention, Jonathan reveals that his mom is generally a private person. He also pointed out that the photos simply showed how close their relationship naturally is.

Jonathan has stated that he values family the most in life, hence why he looks up to GOT7’s Jackson as a role-model for a self-confident yet grounded and humble individual.

Meanwhile, LA-based Jonathan Nguyen has garnered an increasing following since his viral post, thanks to his gorgeous genes and approachable personality.

He has even received modelling offers from Vietnam, from which his grandparents had emigrated from. As a Vietnamese-American, he has pointed out his wish to visit Vietnam in the near future.

Many believe he has the visuals of a celebrity, and with his singing voice, may have even been able to become a K-Pop idol!

And for those wondering, he is currently still single, and still waiting for the right person.

It is clear that the genes run in the family!