A 24h, No Edits, Male-Female Co-Living Observation Reality Survival Show To Launch In Korea

A former idol, a “Produce 101” contestant, a Muscle Mania winner and more will be part of the cast.

A brand new reality show has just been released in South Korea. This time, it claims to be a viewer experience like no other. Not only does it feature 0 script, it also features 0 cuts and 0 edits. Godiva Show promises to be a fully authentic experience as it streams live for 24 hours without rest. It will be filmed over a 100 days.

Not only that, the premise features 7 women and 7 men living together in a huge house on Jeju Island. As there are no rules to the show, physical contact is allowed freely. There is a catch however. As it still is a survival show, there will only be one winner. The winner is determined by popularity, and there will be eliminations made as well.

Let’s meet some of the high profile participants. Although there are 14 amazing cast and crew, a few were highlighted in the teaser for their fame.

1. Seo Hye Yoon

Seo Hye Yoon was a contestant for Miss Korea once, proving her brains and beauty.

2. Pyun Gang Yoon

Some may recognize her from her time as an idol as well as a contestant on Produce 101.

She was eliminated in Episode 5 of the first season after ranking #78. Prior to that, Kang Yoon was a member of the girl group BLADY.

3. Cha You

Cha You is yet another former girl group member. She debuted in Heart but the group soon disbanded. She then moved on to become both a DJ as well as a live streamer.

4. Ahn Sung Hwan

He’s a man of many talents. Not only is he a personal trainer, having won the Man Of The World pageant and various body building contests, he also owns a small drinking pub and operates a YouTube channel with over 80,000 subscribers.

The rest of the contestants consist of businessmen, budding actors, models and more.

The show will be streamed live on the Godiva Show YouTube channel starting November. The contestants will compete for a prize money of ₩100 million KRW (about $84,800 USD). The viewers can cast their votes for their most-liked participant.

Catch the trailer below!


Source: OSEN