Here Are All 27 Comebacks and Debuts Happening in March 2019

Is your favorite artist releasing new music in March?

March 4: Sunmi

Sunmi surprised her fans at her solo concert 2019 SUNMI THE 1ST WORLD TOUR-WARNING by performing her new song “NOIR” for the very first time, and then shocked them again with her announcement of a comeback on March 4. With a string of successive hits from “Gashina” to “Siren”, it’s looking very likely this will be her 4th consecutive chart-topper.


March 4: TXT

Big Hit Entertainment’s new boy group TXT will be making their official debut on March 4 with their debut album The Dream Chapter: Star. They have been teasing the members for about 1 month now, but little is known about their voices, so fans are in for a treat when they can finally hear TXT’s music! It was only just recently that fans were finally able to hear the members’ voices, and now, music video teasers are also released!


March 4: Infinite’s Dongwoo

Infinite’s Dongwoo will be making his official solo debut on March 4 with his first mini album Bye. He has been preparing his solo debut for over a year, leaving Inspirits growing in anticipation for what he will be able to show them.


March 4: SHINee’s Key

SHINee’s Key will release his 1st solo repackage album I Wanna Be on March 4, the same day as his military enlistment. The repackage album is meant to be a gift for his fans before he says a temporary goodbye for 20 months, and will contain 3 brand new songs. (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon will be his rap feature for his title track “I Wanna Be”, raising the hype even more!


March 5: JUS2 (GOT7’s Yugyeom & JB)

GOT7’s second subunit, JUS2, will release their first mini album <FOCUS> on March 5. Not only will they be promoting in Korea, but around the world with their Premiere Showcase Tour, hitting up 7 cities around Asia, including Macau, Tokyo, and Bangkok.


March 5: VIXX’s Ravi

Jellyfish Entertainment has announced VIXX’s Ravi will make his solo comeback with his 2nd mini album R.OOK BOOK on March 5. The album will contain 7 brand new tracks, all of which were produced by Ravi.


March 5: Dal Subin (formerly Dal Shabet’s Subin)

Dal Subin, who paid honor to her girl group Dal Shabet by changing her stage name to include “Dal”, will release a new self-produced song “Ketchup” on March 5.


March 6: NCT’s Doyoung x Rocoberry

NCT Doyoung will lend his luxurious voice to top producing couple Rocoberry for their track “헤어지지 말아요 우리 (Let’s Not Break Up)”


March 6: R.Tee x ANDA

The first release from YGX will be R.Tee and Anda collaborating for the track “What You Waiting For”. In addition, the song was originally meant for BLACKPINK, leaving many fans anticipating what the song will sound like.


March 8: Hong Jin Young

Korea’s trot queen Hong Jin Young will be releasing her first ever full album on March 8. With a sexy corporate look in her teaser, her fans are already hyped for what she will release.


March 11: Epik High

Tablo confirmed Epik High would be releasing a new album on March 11 through his personal Twitter account, right in time for their Europe and North America Tour, which will see them go to 24 cities over a span of 7 weeks. He has also begun teasing the collaborations that will be on the album, with the first ones being versatile singer Sunwoo Jungah and R&B King Crush.



Cube Entertainment’s second project group will be a combination of PENTAGON’s Wooseok and Lai Kuanlin, who recently finished his promotions with Wanna One. What will the duo have in store with their first mini album?


March 13: Park Bom

Park Bom and D-Nation have announced that the former 2NE1 member will indeed be making her solo comeback, after a VERY long 8 years. It was just confirmed to be happening on March 13. With a track produced by Brave Brothers featuring Sandara Park and the support of long-time boss Yang Hyun Suk, Park Bom looks to return back to her era of fame with “You and I” and “Don’t Cry”.


March 13: GWSN

GWSN will be making their first ever comeback in March, following a successful debut where they won a Best New Artist award.


March 15: Bang Yong Guk

Bang Yong Guk will be releasing his first full album after his departure from TS Entertainment and also shared a beautiful video of his travels, which featured a new track of his.


Mid-March: Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

SM Entertainment’s vocal queen will reportedly be making her solo comeback in the middle of March. She will also be performing her new song for the first time at her upcoming encore concert in Seoul, March 23-24. SM Entertainment did not fully clarify any details about Taeyeon’s comeback, just saying she has always been preparing for a comeback.


Mid-March: NU’EST

NU’EST will finally be reunited as 5, with Minhyun completing his promotions with Wanna One. For the first time in nearly 2 years, NU’EST will be complete, and they will release a song with 5 members.


Mid or Late March: BLACKPINK

Yang Hyun Suk has confirmed that BLACKPINK will be releasing a new mini album sometime in mid or late March. After the massive success of their first mini album SQUARE UP, BLINK’s around the world are dying to hear more of BLACKPINK’s music.


March 28: DIA

Chaeyeon seemingly confirmed that DIA would be making a comeback in March during a mini fan meeting she held. Fans were a little skeptical as DIA was supposed to comeback back in November 2018, but that comeback never happened. However, MBK Entertainment has since confirmed that the group’s comeback will be on March 28, with a title track produced by Shinsadong Tiger.


Sometime in March: Jeong Sewoon

Starship Entertainment has confirmed Jeong Sewoon will be making his comeback in March at some point. 8 months after his last comeback with “20 Something”, fans are curious to see how the talented singer-songwriter has grown in that span, and how he juggles promotions with his first ever musical role in Grease.


Sometime in March: Mamamoo

Dubbed “Trust and listen to Mamamoo” for a reason, all of Mamamoo’s tracks have been hits, most recently Hwasa’s solo “Twit”. The group is looking to wrap up their Four Seasons Four Colours project, which means this album will be Wheein themed. RBW has confirmed Mamamoo is planning on making their comeback in March.


Sometime in March: Stray Kids

JYP Entertainment has confirmed that their 7-time Rookie of the Year winning group Stray Kids is planning on making a comeback in March. Perhaps they will tease part of their new song at their UNVEIL TOUR ‘I am…’ in the United States…?


Sometime in March: Park Jihoon

After completing his Wanna One promotions, Park Jihoon will be the 3rd member to go solo, following Yoon Jisung and Ha Sungwoon. Maroo Entertainment has confirmed that he will be traveling to Prague, Czech Republic to film his solo debut music video.


Sometime in March: MOMOLAND

Momoland will be making their comeback in March with a new album. While there are few details released about their album, interest in the group is riding high following the news of Daisy’s relationship with iKON’s Yunhyeong, and the differing statements between MLD and YG.


Sometime in March: Suran

Suran already has teased her pre-release single “HIDE AND SEEK” which features Cho Jung Chi, but she will drop her second mini album in March. With her unique voice and talent, what type of song will she bust out next?


Sometime in March: KARD

KARD has been reported to be making a comeback in March. As Korea’s most popular co-ed group at the moment, fans are curious how the group will grow from their many successful songs. DSP Media has since confirmed that KARD is preparing for their comeback and planning to have it in March.


Sometime in March: Sonamoo

Sonamoo will be making their first comeback since November 2017 when they released Happy Box Part 2. Since then, the members have been taking part in various individual activities, including appearing on KBS2‘s The Unit. Fans are excited to finally see Sonamoo return as a full group!


Not in March anymore: Jeon Somi

Jeon Somi recently asked her fans to patiently wait for her debut, as she wants it to be as perfect as possible. Some media outlets are reporting that Somi will be making her solo debut in March, however other outlets have reported her solo debut will be in May. THE BLACK LABEL has since confirmed Somi is planning on debuting on May 1. Nevertheless, fans are waiting to see how she integrates into THE BLACK LABEL after leaving JYP Entertainment.