Jeon Somi Will Make Her Long-Awaited Solo Debut in May

She’s finally debuting!

After over 2 years following the end of I.O.I‘s promotions and 2 more “debuts” in temporary groups Unnies and Girls Next Door, Jeon Somi will finally be making her official solo debut. An exclusive report has detailed how Jeon Somi will be making her solo debut in early May.


There aren’t many details revealed about her album yet, as it has not been decided if it will be in a single or mini album format.


What has been revealed, though, is that YG Entertainment‘s representative hit maker Teddy will be producing her title track. The music video for her title track will be filmed following the completion of the song recording.


There is also speculation that Zion.T will be featuring on her title track, as the two were recently seen together in a production meeting.

Somi Fans Convinced She’ll Debut In Collaboration With Zion.T After This Big Hint


Somi gave her fans an update on her solo debut earlier in the month, promising that the wait would be worth it since she wants everything to be as perfect as possible.

Jeon Somi Gives Exciting Update On Her Solo Debut

Source: Spotv