2AM’s Jinwoon Brags About His Girlfriend Kyungri And Dishes On How Much She Means To Him

She means the world to him.

Not long after 2AM‘s Jinwoon‘s discharge from the military, the singer spoke in an interview with Star1 where he talked about how the military changed him as well as his fellow 2AM members and his girlfriend, Kyungri.

Jinwoon thought all the myths about the military were false, only to find out that one of them turned out to be true in his case.

I still wake up at the exact time you’re supposed to wake up in the military. I thought it was just a myth, but it turned out to be true.

— Jinwoon


He even expressed his longing for his fellow 2AM members.

We all want to start working again as soon as possible. We learned more about each other while we spent some time apart, so we really want to start making music again.

— Jinwoon

But what particularly drew attention was when Jinwoon dished about his girlfriend, Kyungri and how much she means to him.

She’s someone who stays by my side like a sturdy tree and watches over me when things get hard.

— Jinwoon

He even described Kyungri as someone who makes him feel like he can do anything.

She’s my motivation and my rock. I feel like I can do anything now as long as my girlfriend is by my side.

— Jinwoon

Jinwoon and Kyungri became interested in each other back in 2017 which naturally turned into a relationship.

Wishing Jinwoon and Kyungri all the happiness in their beautiful relationship!

Source: Insight