2AM’s Jinwoon And Former 9Muses Member Kyungri Confirmed To Be Dating

Congratulations to the couple!

2AM Jinwoon‘s agency has confirmed that he is currently dating former 9MUSES member Kyungri.

In a statement released to media outlet Edaily, Jinwoon’s agency, Mystic Story, has confirmed the reports.

It is true that Jeong Jinwoon is currently dating Kyungri.

— Mystic Story

Mystic Story also released a longer statement to Newsen, confirming they have been dating since 2017.

Hello, this is Mystic Story.

We would like to announce our position regarding the reports about Jeong Jinwoon’s dating reports that came out today.

JeongJinwoon and Kyungri have been working together on various programs together, and have naturally gotten close with each other. Since late 2017, they have been dating with good feelings.

We hope that you look warmly on their relationship. Please send your support as Jeong Jinwoon will faithfully finish out his military service, and Kyungri will continue to meet fans on broadcasts.

Thank you.

— Mystic Story

Earlier today, it was reported by media outlets that the two have been dating for 2 years, since 2017. Even though Jinwoon has been serving in the military, he would find time to go on dates with her when he has vacation time from the military.

2AM’s Jinwoon And 9Muses’ Kyungri Reported To Be Dating For 2 Years

The two have appeared on several broadcasts together over the past years, including Comedy TV‘s New Guys and Mnet‘s The God of Music 2.

Source: Edaily and Newsen