Jeong Jinwoon To Take Legal Action Against False Rumors Regarding Group Chat Controversy

Jinwoon will be taking legal action.

Jeong Jinwoon has made it clear once again that he is not in any way a part of the ‘Jung Joon Young Group Chat’ controversy and states that he will take legal action for false rumors.




Mystic Story released an official statement on November 18 that read, “Jeong Jinwoon is not in any part of the problematic ‘group chat’ controversy.”




They also stated that the group chat that Jinwoon was involved in was a separate one made for a variety show.

“The group chat he was involved in talked about filming for the show and is completely different from the controversy group chat.”




They ended the statement by stating that his name was still being brought up about the ‘group chat’ controversy and that they will be taking legal action without any mercy.




Below is the full statement from Mystic Story:


Hello, this is Mystic Story. We are here to explain our position regarding the malicious comments and rumors spread about our artist Jung Jinwoon. We are here to announce once again that Jung Jinwoon is not in any way a part of the ‘group chat’ controversy. The group chat that Jinwoon was involved in was a separate chat created for a variety show at the time. Jinwoon has also never summoned for investigation regarding the controversy.






Nevertheless, many parts of the story were distorted, and Jinwoon’s name continues to be seen up through malicious rumors, attacks, and sexual harassment comments. We have decided to take legal action without any negotiations in regards to this situation. Jinwoon has been serving his military service since March, and we would like to thank fans for their unwavering love and support for him. Thank you.”



Jeong Jinwoon recently admitted to being in a relationship with former 9MusesKyungri.