2AM’s Seulong dreams to establish himself as an actor

In a recent interview, 2AM’s Seulong expressed his desire to truly establish himself as a versatile actor and opened up about his experience as an actor. 

Seulong who is currently starring as Byung Kang Chul, a seemgly cold-hearted, but lonely lawyer in tvN‘s Hongu’s Love, revealed that he felt he really grew as an actor and as a person through Byung Kang Chul.

For his role as the lawyer, Seulong worked extra hard to overcame his fear of the ocean to film the beginning scenes in Hongu’s Love.

The singer turned actor also revealed his desire to keep trying his best in the drama, even with the little screen time he gets, mentioning how he always tries to find ways to improve his acting based on audience reactions.

In addition, Seulong mentioned how he had to adapt to showing his emotions in a different manner, because using emotions on stage as a singer is very different from using and expressing emotions as an actor.

Seulong closed the interview with a heartfelt expression as he talked about hoping to expand his horizons, just as his dreams are expanding.

Although Seulong made his acting debut in 2010, making an appearance as Lee Min Ho‘s assistant in MBC‘s Personal Taste, he balanced his career as a singer with 2AM and various films and dramas. However, the idol recently made the decision to focus more on his acting career and left JYP Entertainment to sign with Sidus HQ, which represents such artists as Jang Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin and Kim So Hyun.

Source: X Sports News