2NE1 Disbanded “Without Proper Explanations” According To CL, And They’re Making Amends With Their Coachella Reunion

She explained why it was so important.

2NE1 recently reunited as a group in American music festival Coachella. They delighted fans with an old school K-Pop performance of their hit song “I AM THE BEST.”

2NE1 | @88rising/Twitter

The four-member girl group was active from 2009 to 2016. When the news of their disbandment was released by YG Entertainment, it came as a shock to both the fans and the members alike.

As of May 2016, 2NE1’s exclusive contract with YG was over and, seeing as Minzy was no longer able to continue with the group, YG, along with the members, have decided to officially disband 2NE1 after many discussions.

— YG Entertainment

2NE1 in 2015 | Mnet Asian Music Awards

CL later revealed that she found out about their disbandment through the media just like 2NE1’s fans. She was not informed about it beforehand.

Interviewer: My colleague interviewed Minzy ages ago and she said she found out about the disbandment through the media. How did you find out?

CL: Well, I did too. To be honest, I was at a Thanksgiving dinner and my phone blew up.

In April 2022, CL addressed this issue once again when she explained why she invited Minzy, Bom, and Dara to perform with her in Coachella.

The reason I wanted to invite 2NE1 to Coachella and perform together is I need to accomplish things on my bucket list. That way, I won’t have regrets.

— CL

She acknowledged, “We left our fans without proper explanations.”

This time around, 2NE1 wanted to take the initiative to meet Blackjacks on their own terms.

We teamed up by ourselves for our sake, not for someone else. When I say ‘we,’ it includes myself, my team, and our fans. This is for ‘us’ who made this team and the brand 2NE1. For ‘us,’ which is defined in my term, so it matters a lot to me.

— CL

By inviting her former members to perform again with her onstage, CL showed just how thankful she was for all those who supported them.

It’s my way to send my regards and my way to show my gratitude, so that’s how I hope people remember us…it matters to get together with our own will and meet them.

— CL

Because the four members have different paths in life at present, this short Coachella stage was a much-needed gift to themselves and to their fans.

And we all follow our own paths in our ways. We work with different agencies and we’re not in the same places as in the beginning so I wanted to bring them some strength as well.

— CL

| CL Official Channel/YouTube
Check out CL’s full Coachella vlog below.

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