2NE1’s CL Can’t Handle Dara’s Super Sexy Lingerie Behind The Scenes At Coachella 2022

Her reaction is priceless! 🤣

CL spilled all the details of 2NE1‘s Coachella appearance in her recent behind-the-scenes video. From practicing as a group to funny backstage moments, the members shared their every part of their exciting experience.

2NE1 at Coachella 2022. | @88rising/Twitter

Some of the funniest moments happened behind the scenes when CL entered fellow member’s hotel room!

Dara, also known as Sandara Park, revealed she went lingerie shopping and even shared she bought some “really racy ones.” However, CL wasn’t ready for what Dara pulled out of the bag!

As she looked at the teeny-tiny lingerie with barely any coverage, her hilarious and surprised expression was followed by one sentence.

Who is this for?

— CL

Dara insisted that the lingerie was only for herself, leaving CL in more shock.

Holding it up to Dara and comparing it to her body, the two hysterically cracked up!

No, I can’t reveal the size!

— Dara

CL also pulled out a robe that seemed like the furthest thing from Dara’s taste, according to herself.

I’ve never seen you put on this kind of thing. Has anyone seen her wearing something like this?

— CL

Watch the full video below!