2NE1’s Dara And EXID’s Hyerin Spills Details On How You Can Tell Idols Are Dating

Idols who date do these specific behaviors.

It’s a common knowledge that massive gatherings are dating grounds for idols who are secretly in a relationship. EXID‘s Hyerin appeared on Video Star to explain that there are specific couple behaviors that you can spot during the Idol Star Athletic Championships (ISAC).


First, Hyerin explained that idols who are dating give each other a specific look during the opening and ending ceremonies.

“I’ve seen it most during the opening and closing [of ISAC]. There’s a specific look that they give each other.”

— Hyerin


And if they’re daring enough, some may even give each other a discrete brush as they pass by!

“The most daring people, this is what they do while they pass each other by.”

— Hyerin


Hyerin explained that there are so many couples at the ISAC that these hints can be seen often.

“I saw a lot of couples.”

— Hyerin


Although Dara never attended the ISACs, she added in that similar signs can be spotted at other large gatherings, like the award ceremonies.

“Oh, it’s the same. I haven’t been to ISAC but when everyone is gathered together like at award ceremonies, I used to stare a lot.”

— Dara


Dara explained that since the dating idols can’t go on dates on holidays, they settle for giving each other loving looks during the event.

“How can you not stare? It’s Christmas and you can’t go on a date, so when you’re attending the same event, you greet each other like this.”

— Dara


After Dara’s surprising confession, the cast asked if Dara was speaking from experience. Dara blushed bright red as she dodged the question!

“It’s an old legend.”

— Dara


With their secret dating tactics leaked to the public, idols will have to become even more strategic with their special love signals during massive gatherings!