Dara Gets Visibly Flustered When Reporters Ask About Park Bom’s Drug Scandal

Dara remained silent with a frozen expression when asked about Park Bom.

Dara looked visibly flustered when she received a question about Park Bom during the press conference for Mimishop.

Park Bom’s alleged drug case has resurfaced recently on multiple Korean news sources.


The huge smile she had on her face as she was talking about Jung Hae In visiting Mimishop completely disappeared when a reporter asked a question about how Park Bom was doing.

“We heard that you were in touch with Park Bom. Please tell us how she is doing!” ㅡ Reporter


The host blocked the question by saying that they will only be taking questions regarding Mimishop.

Dara remained silent and avoided any eye contact with reporters.


The question seemed to have caught Dara off guard as she stumbled through the rest of the questions she received.


Netizens have been criticizing reporters for being inappropriate at the press conference.

  • “What did Dara ever do wrong? Go find Park Bom and interview her”
  • “Why the hell are they asking about Park Bom at a press conference for a program a**holes”
  • “They’re not even on the same team togetherㅋㅋㅋsuch an inappropriate question at a press conference tsk”


Meanwhile, the hashtag #박봄제발내버려두세요, meaning “please leave Park Bom alone”, has been trending on Twitter as fans have been enraged at how the media has been putting a spotlight on the star.


In response to these tweets, some Korean netizens have also begun expressing their frustration about the issue hoping that it would finally be put to bed.

  • “She wasn’t punished because she didn’t do anything deserving to be punished damn”
  • “Please stop”
  • “Is this really an issue that should be in the news for days?? She’s not even promoting in the industry right now~please just leave her alone~!! You’re all too interested in other people’s business”
  • “What are they trying to hide this time by attacking the poor girl for something in the past”


But many Korean netizens are still criticizing fans for trying to cover up for Park Bom and still believe that Park Bom should be properly investigated and punished for any crimes.

  • “Leave alone? They were much more lenient on her investigation than others. Admit the facts you fans”
  • “Although we don’t know the situation in other countries, since it’s illegal in Korea she should be punished accordingly. But now that she’s not even part of YG who’s defending her? Anyway, reporters stop asking Dara stupid questions about Park Bom’s personal issues tsk”
  • “Why should they leave her alone? She wasn’t even tried after importing drugs.”
  • “To the fans who are defending her…it’s not right to defend illegal matters. Wake up already…”
Source: Naver, Sports Kyunghyang and TV Report