2NE1 Members Reunite in an Online Chat to Celebrate Their 11th Debut Anniversary

All four members reunited online to express their wishes to get together again.

Believe it or not, 2NE1 was recently met with their 11th debut anniversary, and all the members gathered via online chat to celebrate.

Following their chat, Park Bom took to her Instagram to share photos of her chat with Sandara Park, Minzy, and CL, and captioned it,

Our members finally gathered today and celebrated out 11th debut anniversary.

– Park Bom

During the chat, each member expressed how surprised they are that it’s been 11 years already as well as their wishes to reunite.

I can’t believe it’s been 11 years already. I have mixed feelings, but I really want all of to reunite again. I’ll be working hard as I wait for that day. Good luck to everyone.

– Park Bom

You guys are so precious. I love you so much. Congratulations on 11 years. I’m so happy.

– Sandara Park

It’s our 11th anniversary, and I’m now in my late 20s. I didn’t know 11 years would pass this quickly, but I’m happy to be with my members. 2NE1 forever!

– Minzy

I wish we could use this as an excuse to get together at least once a year. But we’ll get together for Minzy’s comeback and again for Sandara’s musical. In any case, we started this together, so even when we’re apart, we’re together.

– CL

2NE1 debuted back in 2009 and took the world by storm with hit songs such as “Fire”, “Ugly”, “I’m the Best”, and “I Don’t Care” before disbanding in 2016.

Although it’s been four years since their disbandment, fans are keeping their hopes up for a reunion one day.

Source: Insight