2NE1 Reunites As A Full Group To Celebrate Minzy’s Birthday

2NE1 Forever.

2NE1 reunited as a full four member group to celebrate Minzy‘s 27th birthday.

Sandara Park posted a series of photographs showing all four 2NE1 members gathered together in a private venue (CL‘s workshop) to celebrate Minzy’s 27th birthday. Alongside the photos, she shared a heartfelt message for the group’s maknae.

All of the members are here to celebrate maknae Minzy’s birthday~!!! We went to CL’s workshop~ It was our 12th birthday as 2NE1 so there are 12 candles. CL took off the vinyl that was wrapping the cake, and the cake just turned out like that ㅋㅋ 2NE1, I love you so much~!!! Happy birthday Minzy~!!! #2021

— Sandara Park

CL also shared a post on her Instagram, sharing a couple of the same photos, but also a video of the celebration.

Even though 2NE1 disbanded in 2016, all four members continued to maintain their tight-knit bond they formed over the years, often gathering together to hang out or celebrate major events together.


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